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December 2012

Dr Jones speaks on Japan's elections
21 December 2012

Professor Mike Kenny’s article on Englishness is the cover story of Juncture
13 December 2012

Dr Lee Jones asked to become a regular contributor to Monocle 24
12 December 2012

Dr Phillips appeared on Channel 4 News
5 December 2012

November 2012

Professor Bale comments on the by-election in Rotherham in a Telegraph article
30 November 2012

Professor Guibernau has been interviewed by national and international media on the elections in Catalonia
27 November 2012

Professor Jennings appears on BBC Radio 3 speaking about Alexis de Tocqueville
26 November 2012

Dr Boucek writes about the UMP Party leadership contest in France on the EUROPP blog
23 November 2012

Professor Bale provides comment to Bloomberg on the UK's position at the summit on the EU’s budget
22 November 2012

Professor Bale appeared on the BBC’s The Week in Parliament
16 November 2012

Dr Wolff launches her book The Mediterranean Dimension of the European Union's Internal Security
15 November 2012

Alexander James Barrow spent two fascinating days lobbying at the European Parliament in Strasbourg
6 November 2012

Professor Tim Bale reviews a biography of George Osborne for the Financial Times
5 November 2012

Dr Murray was a studio guest on France24 invited to talk about the gender gap in the US election
2 November 2012

October 2012

Professor Tim Bale features in THE Appointments
25 October 2012

Dr Chris Phillips provides insight on the current situation in Lebanon and Syria
24 October 2012

Professor Michael Kenny made a presentation to a seminar in Whitehall
18 October 2012

Dr Webber’s article on the Venezuelan elections appears on
15 October 2012

Professor Bale’s comments on London Mayor Boris Johnson appear on the website of the New York Times
12 October 2012

Dr Copeland featured on Radio 5 'live drive' commenting on the EU receiving the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize
12 October 2012

Dr Boucek discusses the Prime Minister’s management of dissent within his party on LSE's EUROPP Blog
9 October 2012

Professor Tim Bale quoted in an article that suggests the Prime Minister needs to make a ‘comeback’ in the International Business Times
8 October 2012

Dr Jeff Webber participated in a public two-day conference on "Marxism and Revolution"
3 October 2012

Professor Guibernau was interviewed on Good Morning Scotland
1 October 2012

September 2012

Professor Tim Bale quoted in the Guardian article; 'Labour must face this fact - it may be better in coalition'
28 September 2012

Professor Bale comments to Reuters on London Mayor Boris Johnson’s chances of becoming Prime Minister
18 September 2012

Professor Guibernau’s comments appear in a TIME World article on the escalating Catalan nationalist movement
14 September 2012

Professor Bale discusses the potential for a Conservative Party leadership contest in the near future
10 September 2012

Prof Bale comments to Bloomberg about David Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle
6 September 2012

Prof Tim Bale discusses David Cameron and Eurosceptic pressures on the LSE EUROPP Blog
5 September 2012

August 2012

Professor Jeremy Jennings attends launch of the Adam Smith Global Foundation
17 August 2012

Politics graduate creates an award-winning fashion business
16 August 2012

Dr Jeff Webber featured in Upside Down World
15 August 2012

Dr Chris Phillips spoke to France 24
15 August 2012

July 2012

Who's heard of the African Spring?
26 July 2012

African Awakenings? Interpreting contemporary African protest panel event was a huge success
23 July 2012

Prof Mike Kenny's co-wrote blog post features on front page of New Statesman website
17 July 2012

June 2012

Can Jon Cruddas’ Labour policy review draw inspiration from the British New Left?
28 June 2012

Dr Lee Jones quoted in the Times Higher Education
14 June 2012

Dr Lee Jones appeared on Voice of Russia
11 June 2012

Dr Chris Phillips quoted in
7 June 2012

May 2012

Prof Montserrat Guibernau writes entry for LSE's EUROPP blog
29 May 2012

Dr Phillips quoted by CNN on Syrian crisis
25 May 2012

Prof Michael Kenny to speak about the Politics of English Nationhood at a PSA breakfast briefing
24 May 2012

Dr Rainbow Murray writes EUROPP Blog entry
23 May 2012

Dr Murray appears on France 24 and writes new blog post
17 May 2012

Dr Boucek appeared on Al Jazeera and Monocle 24
11 May 2012

Dr Murray appeared on France 24
10 May 2012

Dr Murray interviewed for the Guardian
8 May 2012

Dr Lee Jones on Cape Talk 567
4 May 2012

Dr Boucek and Dr Murray in UK and international media
4 May 2012

Prof Montserrat Guibernau wins a Research Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust
2 May 2012

Dr Jones appeared on BBC World News
1 May 2012

April 2012

PhD student writes opinion piece for Cicero
26 April 2012

Dr Rainbow Murray speaks to France 24 about the French presidential elections
24 April 2012

Dr Rainbow Murray appears on Women's Hour
23 April 2012

Dr Chris Phillips quoted in Jakarta Post
16 April 2012

Dr Chris Phillips interviewed on Voice of America
13 April 2012

Dr Françoise Boucek writes on LSE EUROPP Blog
11 April 2012

Dr Lasse Thomassen writes on
10 April 2012

Dr Judith Bara featured on Monocle 24
9 April 2012

Dr Chris Phillips comments to Reuters
5 April 2012

March 2012

Dr Rainbow Murray featured on Sky News / France 24
27 March 2012

Dr Lasse Thomassen reviewed Contemporary Political Movements and the Thought of Jacques Rancière: Equality in Action, by Todd May
22 March 2012

Dr Chris Phillips spoke to CNN about the anti-government uprisings in Syria
22 March 2012

Dr Chris Phillips appeared on Newsnight’s report about the Syrian uprising
22 March 2012

Dr Judith Bara's review of Sarah Childs and Paul Webb’s recent book appears in this week’s THE
16 March 2012

Dr Chris Phillips’ comments in CNN’s overview of the conflict in Syria
15 March 2012

Recession, Racism and Riots event is a huge success
14 March 2012

International Relations student featured in Sweden's biggest daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter
13 March 2012

Dr Chris Phillips wrote an analysis in the Guardian about Syria
7 March 2012

Prof Jeremy Jennings wins the Enid McLeod Prize
6 March 2012

Dr Robbie Shilliam and Dr Jeff Webber take part in the Historical Materialism and International Relations seminar series
1 March 2012

February 2012

Dr Chris Phillips has commented in Bloomberg Business Week on Syria’s plans to introduce a managed float of its currency
10 February 2012

Dr Rainbow Murray appeared on France 24 to discuss the role of women in the forthcoming French presidential elections
8 February 2012

Dr Chris Phillips appeared on France 24’s live debate on Syria and the massacre in Homs
6 February 2012

Prof Mike Kenny wins a Major Research Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust
2 February 2012

January 2012

Dr Françoise Boucek appeared on BBC Radio Wales to discuss the prospect of a referendum on independence in Scotland
22 January 2012

Dr Chris Phillips quoted in Bloomberg on a recent speech by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
12 January 2012

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