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Current Research Students

Titilayo Ajike Ayoola
Participatory rural development in southwest Nigeria: A Postcolonial African Feminism critique

Nick Barlow
Centre parties and the structure of competition

Alexander Blanchard
A History of the Concept of Violence: Early Modern Ramifications for Contemporary Thought

Farai Chipato
Democracy, governance, and peace in Zimbabwe: Development donors and their relationship with Zimbabawean civil society from 2008 to 2018

Sian Cilia
Renegotiating the Political in Agnostic Democracies: the transformative role of solidarity in democratic confederalism

Sophie Crowe
Asylum and political becoming: a case study of asylum seekers in Israel

Miri Davidson
Structuralism and the idea of race: between Lévi-Strauss and Althusser

Maria Diaz Hernandez
Church-State Relations in Mexico: 2000-2016

Andonea Jon Dickson
Militarising Borders: Evolving Systems of Power and Exclusion in Maritime BordersAndonea Jon Dickson

Mohammed Eltom
The Influence of American Civil Society Organizations on US Policy Towards Sudan (1998-2008)

Kathrin Fischer
Geopolitics of Knowledge- (Non)Production: Knowing and ignoring in International Development studies

David Gazsi
EU decentralised agencies and the transfer of practices and norms to the Neighbourhood: Integration through transnational functional cooperation?

Borjan Gjuzelov
Between Written and Unwritten Rules: Macedonian Informal Institutions from Socialism to EU-Accession

Tania Gómez-Zapata
Public Diplomacy between the USA and Mexico

Daniel Gover
Religious Groups in the Public Policy Process in Britain

James Hicks
Populism For and Against the Neoliberal Order

Tom Hooper
A Genealogy of Innocence: Seeking the pudenda origo of Just War

David Jeffery
Causes of Conservative Electoral Decline in Liverpool from 1945 onwards

Madeleine Lindh
The edge of Liberalism: abjection and governmentality in the European response to returning foreign fighters

Matheus Lock Santos
The becoming of public opinion: discursive resistances in the 2013 Brazilian mass protests

Angus McNelly
Class Formation and State Formation under Progressive Governments in Urban Bolivia

Tony McNulty
The strong and slow boring of boards: the art of government and politics - an insider's perspective

Jenna Marshall
Radical Pedagogy and the Politics of Development in Small States: The case of Barbados since independence

Luke Maynard
The Conservative Party reaction to the threat of domestic Bolshevism in Britain 1917-1926

Jihane Melhouf
The intellectual history of biological thinking and its critics in international political thought

Sabina Pačariz
Turkish Influence in Serbia: A Critique of Soft Power

Sean Parramore
Enduring Corruption: EU rule of law assistance and the actual sources of domestic power in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo since 2000

Emily Pfefer (co-supervised with the School of Business Management)
The Cloak of Silence: A Critical Analysis of the Relationship between the Culture of Pay Secrecy and the Gender Pay Gap within UK Higher Education

Karl Pike
Programmatic change in the Labour Party during Opposition

Laura Richards-Gray
Why does gender inequality persist in the welfare state?: A gendered analysis of the way in which welfare is problematised in political and public discourse

Patricia Rodi
Populist political communication going mainstream? Populism in the discursive and communicative strategies of mainstream political parties in Western Europe

Lan Schippers
Internalisation of external interests and the strategic dimensions of statehood: The impact of trade-related technical assistance on the Lao and Vietnamese state

Hesham Shafick
The ‘ignorance contract’: violence in nonviolent movements. A case of Egypt’s Selmeya revolution

Simca Simpson
Rights-based Governance and Care Labour Professionalization: Institutionalizing the Rights to Care, Decent Work and Migration in the MERCOSUR

Jodi Thompson
A Critical Analysis of Muslim Framing and the Formation of Cultural Identity through Bourdieu’s ‘Fields’ of Practice

Deirdre Troy
A Study of Citizenship Deprivation in Britain

Baris Tufekci
British Parties after Class Politics

Alan Wager
An Analysis of Interparty Negotiations and Coalition Building in the British Party System

Andrew Walker
Governance, Power and Devolution: the city-regions agenda, and 'the new localism' in England

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