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John Moorcraft

Primary Supervisor: Professor Philip Cowley


Research Topic: Tomorrow’s Politicians: The Recruitment of Parliamentary Researchers

My work is interested in understanding who works for Members of Parliament and how they get recruited to the role.

Most commentaries on the rise of the career politician focus on the end result. My work is instead concerned with the start of the process and understanding what has become a key entry point into the political class.  Working for an MP is seen by aspirant politicians as a crucial apprenticeship. It is one many current politicians have served with far more than ever before having a background as a parliamentary researcher.  The purpose of my work is to examine whether the opportunity to work in such a capacity is truly open to all.

Research Interests: Parliament, political recruitment, political parties, political participation, representative theories, British and European politics

Education/Professional Qualifications:

  • BA (Hons) Politics & Sociology (Salford)
  • MA Political Theory (Essex)

Work Experience: 10 years working for four parliamentarians in the House of Commons, The National Assembly for Wales and The New Zealand Parliament

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