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The role of the EU in preventing corruption in land governance in the Western Balkans

Sean Parramore, PhD Candidate
School of Politics & IR
Primary Supervisor: Prof Adam Fagan

Sean Parramore is a PhD-candidate at Queen Mary University of London investigating the nexus between corruption and land governance reform. His provisional thesis title is:

‘The role of the EU in preventing corruption in land governance in the Western Balkans’

Case studies at country, city and local level are from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. His academic interests include anti-corruption, land governance reform, political economy, institutional design, state-building and Europeanisation.

Sean graduated in International Economics and European Studies at Johns Hopkins University SAIS (Bologna 09’/ D.C. ‘10). He previously studied international relations and law (Groningen, the Netherlands), writing his bachelor thesis on the Europeanization of Serbia’s political economy. Before coming to Queen Mary in 2013 Sean was employed as a EU/foreign policy analyst in Brussels for two and half years, where he worked for the European Commission, the European Stability Initiative, the President of the European Parliament and a MEP. He was in Belgrade and Sarajevo with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s South East Europe Rule of Law programme. Since 2013 he has worked in cooperation with Foreign and Commonwealth Office and as a teaching assistant in London. He is conducting fieldwork in Pristina and Sarajevo.

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