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Analysis of Interparty Negotiations and Coalition Building in the British Party System

Alan Wager, PhD Candidate, School of Politics and International Relations

Primary Supervisor: Professor Tim Bale

Education/Professional Qualifications
MSc Social Research Methods, University of Sussex
BA (Hons) Politics, University of Nottingham (First)
My PhD research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Work Experience
I am working as a Research Assistant at the LSE with Prof Nick Anstead on a project funded by the Open Society Foundation, analysing the uses and implications of ‘big data’ in the 2015 General Election.
Am a member of the teaching team for the first year module POL107, Background to British Politics.
Have also worked within the offices of MPs in parliament, and on a number of projects within Queen Mary – including organising a PSA conference on Conservative political leadership and acting as a researcher for QM’s voting advice application ‘WhoGetsMyVoteUK’

Research Interests
Comparative Politics, British Politics, European Politics

Research Topic
An Analysis of Interparty Negotiations and Coalition Building in the British Party System

My research analyses ‘case studies’ or ‘flashpoints’ where inter-party politics has been particularly notable in post-war Britain and assesses what has created, and more than often hindered, the creation of agreements between British political parties.

My thesis is a longitudinal study that inductively traces the events that created inter and intra party negotiations, starting with Churchill’s attempt to forge a Lib-Con alliance in the early 1950s and ending with the 2010 coalition negotiations. Its aim is to uncover whether there are broad lessons that run throughout the dynamics of events only previously viewed in isolation – leaning on concepts of rational choice but also qualitative, in-depth ways of solving puzzles of (all types of) coalition formation.

Wager, A. (Upcoming) ‘Friends with Benefits: A temporal comparison of electoral pact negotiations in the British context’ British Politics
Bale, T., Diamond, P., Wager, A. (2015) ‘Introduction’ In: Conservative Party Leaders London: Biteback
Bale, T. & Wager, A. (2015) ‘The United Kingdom Independence Party: Insurgency or Splinter?’ In: Decker, F. The Populist Radical Right in Europe (German)
Wager, A. (Upcoming) ‘Review: Crossing the Floor: Reg Prentice and the Crisis of British Social Democracy’ Political Studies Review

Online Contributions
New Statesman
The Conversation
The Huffington Post

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