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Greek Turkish Negotiations since 1974

Research students in the department

Faidon Zaras

I have obtained my BA in International and European Economic Studies at the Athens University of Economics and Business and my MA in Political Economy from the University of Essex.

The title of my thesis is 'Greek-Turkish negotiations since 1974: A public choice approach to the current stalemate'.

I attempt to analyse the negotiation history of the Aegean dispute since 1974 taking into account the following parameters: the states' relations with International Organizations (EU, NATO) or particularly their manipulation, and the policy makers' prevailing zero-sum understanding of bilateral relations which dictated threats and exclusionary policies.

The basic assumption of the thesis will be that the states form foreign policy, acting as a broker amongst domestic pressure groups and therefore the main aim is to identify and analyse various actors' interests and evidense of influence towards the state leading to the current stalemate, which has a negative effect on general welfare.

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