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National Diversity and Social Cohesion

Research students in the department

Robin Shevlane

"I hold a BA in Politics and an MA in Democracy and Democratisation, both from Queen Mary, University of London.

The objective of my current research project is to interrogate the relationship between national diversity and social cohesion, with an empirical focus on the case of Scotland within the United Kingdom.

Of the various options available to governments confronted with internal minority nationalist movements, the institutionalising of political autonomy through devolution or federal arrangments appears to many as the most appropriate choice in a global era in which traditional conceptualisations of state sovereignty are challenged on a number of fronts.

The 'complex' or 'pluralized' sovereignty implicit in such political autonomy arrangments brings into question the structure and assumptions underlying the hitherto pre-eminent state form of modernity - the nation-state. Terms such as the 'plurinational state' or the 'post-traditional nation-state' are used to describe the novel state type that has emerged.

What is the likely impact of such a transformation to the structure of the state on social cohesion and political stability? Can a vital deliberative democracy be sustained outside the unitary and centralizing context of the nation-state?"

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