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Politics of Justice in post Milosovic Serbia

Research student in the department

Mladen Ostojic

My research examines the concept of transitional justice and its application in the case of Serbia. I am looking at how the international judicial intervention embodied in the ICTY has influenced regime change in Serbia following the overthrow of Milosevic. I thus seek to critically re-appraise the arguments put forward by proponents of transitional justice and reconsider the relationship between justice, truth-telling and democratisation.


Ostojic, Mladen (2009) ‘Collective Memory in Personal Accounts of Veterans of the Croatian War 1991-1995’, Socio-Anthropologie (Forthcoming)

Fagan, Adam and Ostojic, Mladen (2008) ‘The UE and Civil Society in Serbia: Governance Rather than Politics’, Balkanologie, 11 (1-2)

Ostojic, Mladen (2007), ‘Beyond Transitional Justice: Coming to Terms with the Past in Post-Milosevic Serbia’, Slovo, 19 (2), pp. 103-123

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