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Post-Doc and Visiting Research Fellows in Politics & IR

The School of Politics & IR is happy to host visiting academics and independently-funded research fellows who would like to work with our staff on areas of mutual research interest. For details on our main areas of research, see here. Any potential applicants for the College’s various fellowship schemes should contact the Research Manager, in the first instance, with any enquiries.

Visiting Academic/Research Titles

The College can bestow a wide range of visiting titles on academic staff from other institutions.

                Visiting Titles are conferred on persons of appropriate academic standing who are not members of staff of the College, or of any other College of the University of London, who contribute in a significant way to the teaching and/or research mission of the College. An individual employed in an academic or research post at another higher education or research institution and contributing to the College’s teaching and research will normally be granted a title reflecting his/her status in the employing institution, e.g. Visiting Lecturer/Visiting Research Fellow. Visiting status may be applied to members of other Colleges of the University of London who are contributing in a significant way to the research or teaching mission of the College.

To Apply:

  1. Potential applicants should contact the Research Manager either directly or via a member of staff. Academic staff will be contacted to assess an applicant’s suitability where appropriate. Applicants should send a full CV and description of the work they intend to do during the fellowships.
  2. The Research Manager will discuss any applications with both the Director of Research and Director of Administration.
  3. Applications are formally approved by the Head of School and passed to HR for approval by the relevant Vice Principal. HR will then inform the applicant directly.

Terms & Conditions:

Visiting/Honorary staff members are entitled to various resources and privileges. These are outlined in the following document:

In addition, the School sets the following conditions:

  1. The School will provide space on a ‘hot desk’ basis.
  2. Administration costs may be applicable.
  3. Visiting and honorary staff will be expected to contribute to the School’s research and/or teaching culture through seminars/lectures, where appropriate.
  4. Visiting staff will be expected to provide details for a staff profile on the School’s website.

Independently-funded Post-Docs and Research Fellows

Various external sources, such as the British Academy or Leverhulme Trust, provide funding for post-doc and other research fellowships. Applicants apply directly to the funder, but will receive support from staff in the School in making the application. Potential applicants should contact the Research Manager, in the first instance. The Research Manger will provide assistance with the application (on costings, etc…) and also consult other members of academic staff with relevant expertise in the applicant’s research area. In order to make full use of the support offered, applicants should make initial contact with the Research Manager at least six weeks before any funding deadline. As with all funding schemes, applications will need to be passed to the Head of School for approval. It is therefore expected that applicants will submit a finalised application to the School at least a week in advance of any advertised funding deadline. With certain funding agencies, we ask for expressions of interest (i.e. partially-completed applications) in advance - details on how to apply via this route are linked to below and posted on and EURAXESS. 

Further Information

For more information on funding organisations, see the following links:

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowshipscall currently closed. Opens Summer 2015 with a likely deadline of early October 2015

ESRC Future Research LeadersDeadline for Applications: 20th January 2015. The internal SPIR deadline for applications has now passed and it is anticipated that the next call for expressions of interest will be in Summer 2015  

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships – The 2015 round will open in January 2015. Closing Date for Applications: Thursday 5th March 2015. 

The School of Politics and International Relations QMUL invite applications from eligible candidates interested in applying for a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship. We welcome expressions of interest from candidates working in the following areas: European Public PolicyGlobal Governance and Security; British Politics; and Political Theory. Applicants should submit a CV and Research Proposal (1000 words maximum) to the School's Research Manager, Alex Challis by Monday 5th January 2015, for review and feedback from the School. Applicants will then be notified as to whether the School would support a full application for the Fellowship.

Newton International Fellowships Anticipated to open in January 2015

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships - Anticipated to open in March 2015, with a likely deadline date of September 2015. More information to be provided when known.

Independent Social Research Foundation - No calls currently open

Current Fellows

                Dr Anne Kershen

                Dr Henry Kippin

Contact Information

If you are interested in applying for any of the above, please contact the Research Manager, Alex Challis, at or on +44 (0)20 7882 5829.

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