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Dr Eleanor Brooks, BA (Lancaster), MA/LLM (Lancaster), PhD (Lancaster)


Lecturer in Public Policy

Telephone: 020 7882 8591
Room Number: Arts One, Room 2.29


Office Hours: Mondays 4-5pm & Thursdays 11am-12pm

I graduated from Lancaster University with a PhD in EU health policy and governance, but have a broader background in politics, international relations and international law. I spent two years of my PhD living in Brussels and working with the European Public Health Alliance, a non-governmental organisation advocating for better health across Europe, and was part of projects with Eurofound, the Wemos Foundation and various other European organisations.


Research Interests:

My research focuses on how the EU governs health – the policy areas which it is active in, the actors and institutions involved, the nature of policy-making and the implications of its constrained legal mandate. More recently, I have begun to focus on the ‘third face’ of EU health policy, embodied in the post-crisis macroeconomic governance systems of the EU. My research is mostly located within the EU governance field, but draws on European integration and Europeanisation research, as well as the broader legal and public policy literatures.

Examples of research funding:

  • ESRC overseas fieldwork grant, 2015(PhD)
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences research grant, Lancaster University 2014 – research on Norwegian pharmaceutical policy and the impact of EEA membership
  • Wemos Foundation project contract, Amsterdam, 2013 – research on pharmaceutical regulation and the assessment of medicines
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Enterprise Centre Knowledge Exchange Fellowship, Lancaster University 2012 – fieldwork for above projects
  • ESRC overseas fieldwork grant, 2011-2012 (PhD)


Journal Articles

Brooks and Geyer (2015) ‘Whatever happened to the Norwegian Medical Need Clause? Lessons for current debates in EU pharmaceutical regulationSociology of Health and Illness (online, print forthcoming)

Brooks and Geyer (2015) ‘Can a Medical Need Clause help manage the growing cost of prescription drugs in the EU?Health Economics, Policy and Law (online, print forthcoming)

Brooks and Geyer (2012) ‘From DTCA-PD to patient information to health information: the complex politics and semantics of EU health policyJournal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice Volume 18(6) pp. 1235-1240

Brooks (2012) ‘Crossing borders: A critical review of the role of the European Court of Justice in EU health policyHealth Policy Volume 105(1) pp. 33-37

Brooks (2015) ‘Health ownership of health policy? Challenges and concerns in the new era of EU health policyEurohealth Volume 21(4)

Brooks (2015) ‘Is the NHS under threat from free trade?The Conversation, July 2015

Brooks (2012) ‘Europeanisation through soft law: the future of European health policy?Political Perspectives Volume 6(1) pp. 86-104

Public Engagement

I continue to work with the European Public Health Alliance, a Brussels-based public health NGO, and am a volunteer with North London Cares, a charity working with older residents in Camden and Islington. I have worked in the past with The Brilliant Club, a widening-participation charity. I am an alumni of the Young Gastein Forum, a European Commission network of young professionals working on health in Europe, and am a member of the University Association of Contemporary European Studies (UACES).

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