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Dr Marius Calu, BA, MRes (University of London), PhD (QMUL)


Lecturer in International Politics

Telephone: 020 7882 8590
Room Number: Arts One, 2.27A


Office Hours: Tuesdays 12-1pm and Thursdays 1-2pm

I am currently working as a Lecturer in International Politics and in addition to teaching courses in the fields of International Relations for the last three years, I am now also teaching modules on the European Union and on Public Policy. I have experience on teaching and organising the Distance Learning Masters programme in at QM and I am very interested in developing and integrating E-learning strategies and tools in the field of International Relations.

My research work has been focused on International Statebuilding, Minority Rights, Nationalism, Post-conflict resolution, Theory of International Relations, International Security and the European Union.

I hold a BA in Politics and a Masters by Research (MRes) awarded by University of London. Earlier this year I completed my PhD in Political Science at Queen Mary.  As a beneficiary of a College studentship my research focused on the following theme: Building a multiethnic state in Kosovo: The management of minorities after independence. Moreover, my research activity has included until publishing one chapter in a joint volume examining the issue of State Weakness in the Western Balkans and participation as a speaker and as a moderator at multiple international conferences in the UK, US, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania. I also have practical experience working with a Civil Society Organisation in Kosovo and more recently I was involved in a cross-European project (LSE) in the area of judicial independence from the position of a Research Associate.


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Undergraduate Teaching

POL386 The European Union

POL350 Analysing Public Policy

POL242 Global Governance

POL106 Introduction to International Relations

Postgraduate Teaching

POLM001 Theories of the Policy-Making Process

POLM069 Theories of the Policy-Making Process (DL)

POLM079 EU as an International Actor


Research Interests:

International Statebuilding, Minority Rights, Nationalism, Post-conflict resolution, Theory of International Relations, International Security and the European Union.

Examples of research funding:

2010-2015: Queen Mary Research Grant (PhD research and fieldwork)
2010: Ratiu Foundation Grant (MRes Research project)


Book Chapters:
(2013) “What makes Kosovo a “weak” state?”, RRPP Joint Volume Social, Political and Economic Change in the Western Balkans, Interdisciplinary Studies on Central and Eastern Europe, Bern: Peter Lang Publishing.

(2014) “Western Balkans Are Losers in Russia-EU Battle”, The Moscow Times.

(2010) “Beyond Liberal peacebuilding. The role of the EU in Kosovo and the question of sovereignty”,Universum Institute for Economic and Social Studies, Pristina: Universum.

Selected Conference Papers:
“Integration or segregation of the non-Serb minority communities in Kosovo: the detrimental role of “excessive” rights”, Paper presented at the 19th ASN World Convention, Columbia University, New York, April 2014.

“Multiethnic Democratic Model of Governance: Intended and Unintended Consequences of Implementing Minority Rights in Kosovo”, Paper presented at the 18th ASN World Convention, Columbia University, New York, April 2013.

“The Role of the EU in Kosovo: Minority Rights in the Process of (sub)statebuilding”, Paper presented at the Second Joint PhD Symposium on South East Europe, Goldsmiths, London, June 2012.

“Europeanization Meets State Weakness in Kosovo: Debating Liberal Interventionism and the Legacy of the Past”, Paper presented at the 17th ASN World Convention, Columbia University, New York, April 2012.

“Minority Rights in the Process of (Sub)State-building: The EU’s Role in Kosovo and the Question of (Ethnic) Sovereignty”, Paper presented at the Post-Graduate Conference on State-Building, University of Westminster, London, April 2012.

“What Makes Kosovo a Weak State?”, Paper presented at Belgrade Security Forum, Belgrade, September 2011.

“State weakness in Kosovo. A dual focus: discussing around liberal interventionism and the legacy of the past”, Paper presented at the Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans (RRPP) Scientific Conference, Montenegro, May 2011.

“EU statebuilding in Kosovo and the question of domestic sovereignty”, Paper presented at the RRPP Scientific Conference, Montenegro, May 2010.

Public Engagement

  • February-March 2015: Research Associate as part of the MAXCAP research project, LSE and Queen Mary, University of London (Responsible with fieldwork/research in Belgrade, Serbia)
  • January-June 2013: Research Intern for Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF)
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