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POL248 Comparative European Politics

(POL248A - Autumn, POL248B - Spring)

Credits: 30 credits

Semester: 3 & 4

ContactProfessor Raymond Kuhn

Overlap: None

Prerequisite: POL100 & POL105

The political map of contemporary Europe is changing rapidly and fundamentally, as the traditional boundaries between East and West and between domestic and international governance break down. This course aims to provide a pan-European introduction to the continent’s politics - one rooted in a comparative rather than a country-by-country approach. After establishing ontological and epistemological foundations in comparative political science and setting the historical and socio-economic context, it moves on to tackle not just institutions (the nation-state, government and policy-making, legislatures, parties, pressure groups and the media) but also issues - participation, immigration, the supposed blurring of the left-right divide, and Europe in the world.

Assessment: 2 x essay (20% each) & 3 hour examination (60%)

Level: 5

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