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POL242 Global Governance

(POL242A – Autumn, POL242B – Spring)

Credits: 30 credits

Semester: 3 and 4

Contact: Dr Jef Huysmans

Overlap: None

Prerequisite: POL100 & POL103 or POL106


This module explores the notion of global governance from the particular perspective of civil society and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs). What we are essentially concerned with here are, first, the extent to which trans-national networks of power can be said to exist; second, to explore which actors dominate and are empowered within such networks, which are excluded and why; third, the extent to which it is viable and appropriate to use the term "global civil society" to describe aspects of social movement and NGO behaviour; and fourthly, whether the concept of global governance helps us to understand better the interactions between state, non-state, market and civil society actors in various locations, regions, policy processes and issue regimes.

Assessment: 2 x Essays 20% each & Exam 60%

Level: 5

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