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POL244 The International Politics of the Developing World

POL244 The International Politics of the Developing World at Queen Mary University of London

(POL244A - Autumn, POL244B Spring)

Level: 5

Credits: 30 credits

Semester: 3 and 4                      

Contact: Dr Clive Gabay

Overlap: None

Prerequisite: POL100 and POL106

Associate Availability: Full Year, Spring and Autumn

The module explores both the international political economy of development and the comparative political sociology of the developing world. This involves analysis of explanations for the North-south divide, and national questions such as state formation, conflict, nationalism and civil war. The module also explores the utility of international political economy and comparative political sociology approaches (and the relationship between them), for understanding controversial contemporary political issues such as the rise of Asia, aid, state-building, and democratisation.

Assessment: 2 x Essays 20% each & Exam 60%

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