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POL388 Politics Research Project

POL388 Politics Research Project module at Queen Mary University London's Politics Department

Credits: 45 credits

Level: 6

Semester: 5 & 6 

Contact: Dr Caroline Williams

Overlap: None

Prerequisite: POL100

Associate Student Availability: Not Available

The project is designed to give students the opportunity of studying an agreed topic under supervision on an individual basis and to a greater depth than is possible within existing modules. Students must fill in the proposal form and should undertake a programme of preparatory work during the long vacation. A programme of compulsory research workshops will be timetables the first semester and each student will have an opportunity to present their research to a small group in the second semester. Assessment is on the basis of two coursework assignments and a dissertation of 12,000 words.

LV21 History & Politics students cannot opt for this module.

Assessment: Proposal 8%, Presentation 12% & Project 80%

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