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POL397 Subject, Citizen, Mass: Thinking Selfhood in the Modern Age

(POL397 Spring)

Level: 6

Credits: 15

Semester: 6

Contact: Dr. Caroline Williams

Overlap: None

Prerequisite: POL206 or POL251

Associate Student Availability: Not available

The question of the self has been the defining issue of modern philosophy and political theory. Some conception of the self lies at the heart of most political philosophies, yet this key concept is highly complex and keenly contested. This module interrogates the construction of selfhood in the work of a number of important figures from Spinoza, Nietzsche and Marx, to Arendt, Butler and Foucault. In the course of our analyses we will see precisely how the configuration of the self (as collective subject, multitude, or citizen) informs different kinds of political project.

Assessment: 3,000 word essay (40%), exam (60%)

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