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European Policy and Politics

This theme combines expertise in specific countries and regions (British, French, Southern, Central and Eastern European politics), EU governance and politics, and specific policy domains (media, environment, financial services, welfare). Staff working in this area conduct theoretical and empirical research on representation and identity (including parties, movements and elections), and multi-level governance and regulation, often combining comparative methodologies with concepts and theories drawn from international relations, IPE and development. In 2012, the School founded the Centre for European Research with members from the Schools of Business Management and Law, to enhance this interdisciplinary approach and to facilitate external partnerships and extra-academic impact.

Recent and ongoing work includes the Manifestos Project, a major, 25-year collaborative study providing unique data on policy preferences across 25 European countries (Judith Bara), innovative studies of the Conservative Party, right-wing populism (Tim Bale) and changing British governance (Patrick Diamond), evidence of how institutional innovations affect women’s political representation (Rainbow Murray), explorations of nationhood, nationalism and identity (Montserrat Guibernau and Mike Kenny), and studies of the media (Raymond Kuhn). Research on European multilevel governance has analysed the impact of EU enlargement (Adam Fagan, MAXCAP project), EU external security policies (Sarah Wolff) and EU welfare reforms (Paul Copeland), generating new insights into political transformations inside and outside the Union.

The Centre for European Research hosts two disciplinary journals: East European Politics (ed.: Fagan) and the European Journal of Political Research Political Data Yearbook (co-ed: Murray). Staff working in this field also collaborate across intra-disciplinary boundaries, collaborating with colleagues in QMUL’s Centre for the History of Political Thought (CSHPT; see below), think tanks, and leading figures in UK political parties to explore contemporary ideological developments.

Staff active in the European Politics and Policy research group:

Prof Tim Bale, Dr Paul Copeland, Dr Patrick Diamond, Professor Adam Fagan, Professor Mike Kenny, Professor Raymond Kuhn, Dr Rainbow Murray, Dr Brendan O’Duffy, Dr Rick Saull, Dr Robbie Shilliam, Dr Sarah Wolff

Current research students: 

Jack Brown, Marius Calu, Daniel Gover, Mariana Kitsiona, Sean Parramore, Dimitris Skleparis, Koen Slootmaeckers, Jennifer Thomson, Vasiliki Tsagkroni

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